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I get it. Song lyrics, commercials, tv shows, magazines, etc… they all spend some time tearing down women. I get that that’s wrong, it’s terrible, but enough already with the complaining. I’d like to think we’re all stronger than that.

This has been our latest discussion in Media Theory, how women are portrayed in the media. These things are all over the tv, radio, etc and we all listen to and watch them. Guilty as charged. The thing I have a problem with is women letting it define them. We’re better than that, right? When I hear the lyrics of a song speak poorly of women, I ignore it… it’s not a shot at me personally, I’m confident enough to know that. Don’t get me wrong, I completely get how this upsets women but why take the negative road when you can take the positive one? Why do women sit here and complain over and over about the bad, when you could just as easily praise and embrace the good? The best way to change something negative is to focus on the positive and help it grow.


I love that word. It’s confidence. It’s security. It’s being comfortable in your own skin. It’s being proud of who you are. And it excludes negativity. The media is not all bad. While I see how the negative side is out there, I think women empowering other women is bigger than ever now.

Beyonce proud to announce she's pregnant at the VMA's.

Beyonce might as well be a synonym for the word empowerment. She’s got it goin’ on, rocks it, knows it (not in a cocky way) and wants every other woman out there to feel the same. She’s the epitome of female empowerment, and I admire her for it. Take a listen to some of her songs if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

'Erin Andrews gets dirty for GQ'

I think it’s all about perspective. Erin Andrews, for example. People talk about women in sports only getting their jobs because of their looks, thinking it means a woman has to look ‘sexy’ to get a job in a man’s world. Of course looks are part of it, they’re on tv… but it’s not the whole deal. A lot of women have problems with the sex appeal side to EA… she’s gorgeous, 5’10, legs for days, long blonde hair. But take a minute to see past that. She knows her stuff. If you get stuck on the fact that it bothers you that she’s beautiful,  you miss the part where it’s clear she got her job because she knows as much (if not more) about sports as the men beside her.

I think disrespecting women in the media is an important issue but not one we need to dwell on as much as we do. Look at it from the right perspective. Choose to see Erin Andrews as a person who made a career out of the thing she loves, sports, rather than a beautiful woman holding a microphone. Learn a lesson from women like her, and Beyonce. Ignore the haters, be proud of exactly who you are… focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

For me, empowerment is in these two women. In the opportunity I see in my future. In rocking heels even though I’m 6′. In being an athlete for life. In brightening someone’s day. In helping someone I care about succeed. In being proud of exactly who I am, right now.

Instead of asking what bothers you about how women are portrayed in the media, I’m asking what empowers you? I think focusing on that will do our world a whole lot more good.

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EA on criticism of women in sports

I think it’s hilarious that you can’t worry about getting your roots done, working out, worrying about what shoes you’re wearing and have cool jewelry and know sports. I think it’s weird you can’t do those things. Why can’t you worry about the way you look and also like sports? We (females) can multi-task, right? I used to harp on this – I want to prove to people that I know more, that I’m not here because of what I look like or that (it’s because) I’m a female.

– Erin Andrews on criticism of female reporters

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EA fights hunger with Kraft

When I was working at Local 12 a few days ago, we got an email informing us of Erin Andrews’ involvement in a really cool project. I absolutely love seeing people from the sports world and celebrities getting involved in causes like this! Check it out:

Kraft starts marketing campaign to fight hunger

Filed by Shaun Weston

Kraft Foods has kicked off its ‘Huddle to Fight Hunger’ integrated marketing campaign. It’s designed to achieve the goal of giving 20m meals (or more) to Feeding America, the leading hunger relief organisation in the US.

The campaign will culminate in San Francisco on 9 January 2011 with the first ‘Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl’, featuring college football teams from the WAC and PAC-10.

Kraft Foods is utilising its brands and high-profile celebrities, which include football legend Joe Montana, sports journalist Erin Andrews and chefs Pat and Gina Neely, to champion the cause.

The company has also coordinated a variety of marketing support vehicles, such as consumer incentives, high-impact media, a major public relations campaign and social and mobile activities. In addition, Kraft Foods is working with more than 40 food retailers throughout the US to implement in-store displays and programming.

“As a leading food company, it’s our responsibility and privilege to play a role in helping make sure people have access to the food they need to feed their families,” said Lisa Mann, Kraft Foods. “By leveraging our flagship brands, a team of celebrities and a national bowl game, we hope America will embrace the cause and help us reach our goal of giving 20m meals.”

Source: Kraft Foods

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I FINALLY got to watch the ESPY’S

The ESPYS is one of my favorite nights/shows of the year because while I’m a complete sports addict, I’m also a self-proclaimed girly girl. So the ESPYS is like everything I love all in one fabulous night (or in my case, one afternoon a couple days later)! Unfortunately, I was working the night of the ESPY’s but DVR hooked me up so I didn’t have to miss a minute of the show that celebrates the greatness of sports. The ESPYS remind me why I love sports. The stories. You just can’t write stories like these.

Before it even officially started I had chills. Between the tribute to people from the world of sports who passed away this year (including Chris Henry and of course, John Wooden) and the video of championship moments, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could not like sports. Then, of course, it was a plus that my boy, John Isner, won one of the first awards of the night for Best Record-Breaking moment. Not that that match could possibly have any competition for best record-breaking moment, at least in my mind.

And can’t disagree with a tweet I read from @HeatherZeller “John Isner. In a suit. Yum.” Good start to the ESPYS.

To put it bluntly, Erin Andrews has my dream job. And if knowing that leaves any doubt in your mind, I’ll tell you now… Yes, I’m a huge Erin Andrews fan. I interviewed her earlier this year, and voted for her on Dancing with the Stars. So it’s not a surprise that I was looking forward to watching her on the red carpet before the ESPYS, and as I could have predicted, she was one of the best dressed.

And hmm, she brought Maks.

Back to the stories.

The moment the ball hit the back of the net, I knew Landon Donovan and Team USA would win an ESPY for the winning goal against Algeria in this year’s World Cup. As a country, that just had to be the Best Moment.

Not to mention how great they all looked up there together… easily the best dressed team of the night.

I was hoping the UNI Men’s Basketball team would win Best Upset, which they did, and rightfully so. Thinking back to March Madness, I remember first, that my bracket was a mess. And second, I remember UNI knocking out the team that so many of my friends had picked to win it all. They were up against good competition for the ESPY, but it’s hard to imagine a better upset than that game that night.

I love the ESPYS because of the moments remembered (like the passing of John Wooden), the humor (“But it is great to be here at the ESPYS in Los Angeles, this is where sports and entertainment come together. It’s like a Kardashian sister’s bedroom.” [cut to Reggie Bush]), the professional athletes (the entire U.S. Men’s Soccer Team on stage at once, need I say more?), the fashion (Jennie Finch, Marissa Miller, Drew Brees, Evan Lysacek) and of course the awards given to athletes and teams for the greatness of their stories.

To summarize, I love sports. And the ESPY’s are a great example of why.

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You want to interview who? Me?

I was so flattered when the editor of my former high school’s newspaper asked for an interview with me for a feature in the paper. Just thought I’d post the article here so you all can check it out!

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Erin Andrews to join expanded College GameDay – USATODAY.com

I was excited to hear the news that Erin Andrews will remain with ESPN! Erin will join an expanded College GameDay, including hosting but also staying on the sidelines. She’ll also do some work with ABC’s Good Morning America. EA knew she wanted to stay in sports, but this way she gets to do that, along with some fun entertainment for GMA. She’s an inspiration to me and all female reporters, so here’s to our favorite girl staying with the world-wide leader of sports!

Erin Andrews to join expanded College GameDay – USATODAY.com.

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