Why I’m on #TeamRenegades

The second I heard that Amy Jo Martin was writing a book, I knew I HAD to read it. Things got even cooler when she let her followers help name the book Renegades Write the Rules (plus, how awesome is that name?!). Next thing I know an advanced copy is in the mail and on it’s way for me to review. Immediately upon opening the package from Digital Royalty, I sat down with a highlighter and got reading.

Now, I hope you read the rest of my review, but if you get only 3 words from this blog post, let these be them: READ THIS BOOK!

First, a little background. I came across Amy Jo Martin & Digital Royalty quite awhile ago and have followed her, her blog and her company religiously. She’s influenced my career, but more importantly my life. She’s passionate about the importance of discovering your ‘why’, owning it & innovating your life. I wrote about that this summer, right here. Still searching for my ‘why’ so I can own it.

Being a Social Media Coordinator for a company that works with NFL, NBA and MLB athletes, I just found my work Bible in this book. It’s not simply a “how-to” of social media, but she talks you through the Rules of the game and how to follow them, including personal experiences and case studies as examples. She answered the many questions I had about social media, plus questions I didn’t even know I had yet. My copy is covered in highlights, notes, & post-its, and will be read over and over.

In typical Renegade fashion, I couldn’t simply read about her ideas, I quickly put some of her suggestions to use. Last week I ran a #HideAndTweet with Connor Barwin of the Texans. He hid #BullsonParade t-shirts downtown Houston and I sent out hints through @IgnitionAPG. Connor sent out an initial tweet 2 days before the #HideAndTweet telling his fans to follow us for hints to where he hid the tickets. Maybe this makes me a complete social media nerd but as I watched the followers rack up within seconds my heart started beating faster and faster, and butterflies were flying like crazy in my stomach. Basically, what I decided to call a social media high. We jumped from 621 followers to 1,428 by the end of the #HideAndTweet. Of course, some of those followers left us after the promotion ended, but our numbers still doubled. AND more importantly, it was the absolute coolest feeling to experience first-hand what it’s like when a professional athlete does something amazing like this for his fans.

The winners of Connor Barwin’s #HideAndTweet with their shirts!

I didn’t stop there. Sam Acho of the Arizona Cardinals saw Connor’s contest and wanted in on the action. After playing around with Amy Jo’s name for #RockTalk, we created #AskAcho. Sam is already a pretty accessible athlete to his fans, so they were all over this. We set aside 30 minutes on Friday for Sam to log into @IgnitionAPG and answer any questions fans had… which turned out to be a lot, and Sam spent 45 minutes conversing with his fans through Ignition.

In other words… Amy Jo knows what she’s talking about (obviously I was well aware she knows her stuff, but my experience last week is proof).

Renegades Write the Rules is not simply about social media, and that’s the best part. It’s about connecting people, about humanizing your brand. It’s about discovering your ‘why’, owning it, and innovating your life. And that’s why I’m on #TeamRenegades.


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