Basketball is a universal language.

Since I can remember I’ve loved basketball. I learned something new about the game I love these past couple weeks… it’s a universal language.

We were blessed enough to host the 18U Chinese National Girls Basketball Team at Ignition APG for 12 days. As you might have guessed, they all spoke Chinese… and we of course, do not. This proved to make things a little difficult at first. Everything on our schedule required more time than we had initially thought because of the language barrier. Admittedly, one of my first thoughts was how THE HECK are we going to teach these girls basketball?

The communication barrier definitely continued to a degree when our coaches tried to get their messages across in drills, but then they started to play. They went 5-on-5 in practice, played games against the Angels (my former AAU team) & against the best players from all over Ohio — and while I’m aware this may make me sound like a complete nerd, the first time I saw it I got chills.

I was recently obsessed with the Olympics this summer, so I’d seen athletes from all over the world compete against each other. It was a whole other thing to see it in person. Their culture is different, they look completely different, and they DEFINITELY speak a very different language, yet once they were out on the court they just played ball. Good ol’ basketball, just like I spent over half of my life playing.

It was beyond cool to see the game of basketball unite two extremely different groups of people. The language of basketball is a beautiful thing.

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