Focus on goodness

To be honest, I stopped really watching the news a long time ago. Of course, if there’s something major happening in the world I tune in… but I can’t take watching it on a regular basis anymore. The news seems to be story after story about murder, crime, disasters, etc. Really it’s just depressing. You have to watch a news magazine show or a particularly special day to catch something of substance, or something positive.

For example, on a day like today, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the news was full of the heroic and touching stories from that day. The stories and specials we all watched were moving and meaningful. Days like today you believe in the goodness of people. I wish I understood why stories like that can’t make the news regularly. I realize that drama is what sells, but I think that’s the problem in the first place. Why are we so caught up in meaningless trashy drama compared to stories about what really matters? Why are we obsessed with scandals, disasters, and superficial things like weight loss? Why can’t we focus on the heroics, the charities, all the good things people do?

Our society seems to be focused on all of the wrong things and because of our focus on all of this drama, that’s what the media covers… only leading to our obsession with the drama growing even more. We obsess over it, the media covers it, so we obsess over it more… it’s a vicious cycle. My last post showed a video of a State Farm commercial recognizing the anniversary of 9/11. If only we could focus more on amazing things like that. If only we could focus more on goodness.

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