My oh-so-wonderful sister passed along a post from Joy the Baker today with 21 pieces of advice when turning 21. Perfect timing since I turn 21 tomorrow! Here are some of my favorites:

2.  Eat something green everyday. [green apples count, right?]

3.  Chill out on the Facebook.  Seriously.  It’s not real life.

4.  Learn how to sew something.  Anything.  At least learn how to sew your buttons back on your shirts.

6.  Make lists on Post-It notes and knock em out, cross em off, get things done.

7.  Look people in the eye and listen when they speak.  It’s a nice touch.  It’s the opposite of Facebook.

9.  Don’t drink too much rum… ever.

10.  Don’t be one of those girls that carries one of those long, giant cocktail cups around the streets of Las Vegas.  It really gives the wrong impression.  You’ll also have to pee a lot.

11.  If a guy is a jerk, he’s dead to you.  You don’t need that bologna.  Eat an ice cream cone and move the heck on.

12.  Don’t do stupid things that relate to booze, boys, nudity, and consequences.  Keep it together.  Drink more water than booze.  Sloppy is never cute.

13.  What’s important?  Make a list.  Honor it.

14.  Pull your hair back and wear pretty earrings.  Own it.

15.  Make things for people.

16.  Don’t be afraid of being overdressed.  Dresses are pretty and heels are awesome.  But!  If the heels make you walk like a robot… go with flats.  Know thyself.

18.  Buy your friends random gifts… it’s just a nice thing to do.

19.  Don’t be afraid of looking dumb, asking a stupid question, falling on your face, getting rejected, or being otherwise embarrassed.  We’ll be dead soon.

20.  Put it on the Lord.  Good.  Bad.  Pretty.  Messy.  Put it all on the Lord.

21.  Work hard at the thing that you love.  Like… really hard.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s dumb.  If they do tell you it’s dumb… work harder and prove them wrong.  But don’t rub it in their face- just be gracious, and wear expensive lipstick, and smile, and keep working.

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2 thoughts on “21

  1. Nanny says:

    Each one has great merit and it tickles your grandparents. #6 would have read – write a list on 3X5 cards and check them off when completed. In fact, your Bapa still does it. It’s a super list for a 21 year old to use always!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Kaci Leigh!!

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