Fresh start summer.

Usually resolutions come at New Years. And usually, at least in my case, we don’t follow through with said resolutions. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even make any this year because I never actually follow through.

I’ve decided that as a college student, summer is another point like New Year’s. It’s a starting point. School has ended. New things are beginning. I’m back in green, sunny Ohio, instead of that frozen mitten they call Michigan. It’s a fresh start. And fresh starts are the perfect time to better yourself. This is what I want my summer to consist of…

More sleep. More running. More fruit. More water. More reading. More naps. Less negativity. Less time wasted on things and people that don’t matter. Less junk food. Less worrying. Less wondering. More organization. More weight lifting. More music. More trusting. Less doubt. Less procrastination. More adventure. More dreams. More learning. More growing. More pictures. More celebrating. Less stress. More laughing and even more love.

I’m starting today. Unpacking is kind of stressful, but also helps with “more organization.” And the Reds game with sister and best friend will help with probably the most important, “more laughing and even more love.” And also probably more pictures : )


One thought on “Fresh start summer.

  1. Nanny says:

    sounds like the perfect start to summer!

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