Dress for (Sports) Success

It’s sad how many people think the sports world is solely for men. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more recognized that women love sports and attend sporting events too. Unfortunately, some women just don’t know how to dress for sporting events (sidenote: ladies aren’t the only ones! Grown men, don’t paint your chests). I got the chance to meet the fabulous Marissa May a few weeks ago. She works for Disney Sports PR, played softball at UNC and you may recognize her from The Bachelor. Marissa has recently started a personal blog, May Day, which includes a lot about sports. Check out the post she did as the first in a series about how to dress for sporting events. Her first paragraph describes me to a T. I even have my best friend, who formerly laughed about how much I love sports, watching basketball on her own (and cheering on the Bulls in the playoffs, of course!)

I consider myself to be a girly girl. Mention a shopping trip, mani-pedis (with wine, please), dinner and drinks or a spa day and I’ll probably cut you off with a definite “YES!” before you can finish asking if I want to partake. But what my girly exterior hides is that I am a die-hard sports fan and am pretty athletic. As many of my guy friends put it, I’m a guys girl and can/do hang with the guys. Lucky for me, I happen to also hang with some kick ass chicks that love sports too.

My love for sports started at a very early age. I played softball my whole life, went to countless baseball and football games for my younger brothers, grew up with season tickets to ASU football (go Devils!) and spent all of spring training bouncing between the baseball complexes in Arizona with my family. That love for sports continued to grow after I received a scholarship to play softball at the best university in the nation with the best college sports in the nation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

                                        me and my pretty teammates 🙂

Sadly, these two polar opposites that describe me rarely meet in the middle, especially when it comes to fashion. Dressing properly for a sporting event is an art form. I can’t tell you how many girls I walk by and question what went through their head when they got dressed before going to the game and HOW THE HECK did their friend/boyfriend let them think it was okay to wear that outfit in the first place!  On the other side, I see pieces of clothing claiming to be women’s sports gear and I cringe. Horrible cuts and styles, and few options leave us chicks stranded when it comes to sporting our favorite teams gear and looking fashionable.

For her pointers and the rest of Marissa’s post, click here.

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