Make the world better through sport.

I officially love Nike Better World. “Our mission is to make the world better through sport.” How cool is that? Watch this:

Now, take a look at those words again:

“Don’t tell us what we can’t do. Don’t tell us not to dream [big] dreams… like making the world better through sport. Sport is our passion. Sport inspires hope, instills discipline, reduces depression and disease, it raises self-confidence, raises awareness, rallies communities, defines nations, defies gravity, and denies prejudice. Sport laughs in the face of racism… it makes neck hairs stand to attention, it’s even been known to stop wars. That’s a pretty impressive resume. Sport, you’re hired. We won’t rest until every living, breathing person on this planet has access to it. And we won’t stop making the best gear to propel humanity forward without wrecking our global playground in the process. We will do good with a vengeance. And to all the cynics and the naysayers, we’re gonna make the world better for you anyway. Because like sport, we don’t discriminate. We’ve made the world better, but we still want a better world.”

I am truly inspired by Nike Better World. I’ve been pursuing sports broadcasting so actively and am doing everything I can to make that dream come true. But another dream of mine is to truly make an impact on the world. I know if I make it in sports broadcasting I’ll have some sort of platform, whether it be local or national, to do good and share my faith. But there is no reason I should wait until then. I’ve been thinking and praying continuously about this and asking God to help me to discover what I can do. I think watching this video showed me that my passion for sports can be a way to make an impact, I just have to figure out how.

I’ll be continuing to think and pray about this. Feel free to share any ideas you have, and prayers are always appreciated 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Make the world better through sport.

  1. Bob Kust says:


    You are one of the strongest people I have ever been around, your convictions and desires set you apart from all others. Keep thinking and dreaming and praying and you will reach your goals.

  2. Nanny says:

    What a terrific utube piece! We just know something good is going to come of your determination and persistance. You have far to good a mind for God to pass you over.You are constantly in our prayers. We love you, Nanny and Bapa

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