DRose for MVP

Even LeBron James’ teammates, Chris Bosh and Juwan Howard, think Derrick Rose is deserving of the League’s MVP award. Doc Rivers said, “If I had to vote, [Rose] is the MVP of the league”. The Hawks’ Kirk Hinrich said it best when he described guarding Rose as “a nightmare.”

DRose deserves MVP. It doesn’t even matter what the so-called experts think because by definition, MVP is awarded to the player who is the most valuable to his team. In my mind, that player, without question, is Derrick Rose.

LeBron James and Derrick Rose are the two players most legitimately competing for the MVP title, and definitely the two garnering the most attention. The difference is without LeBron James, the Heat would still be contenders for the Eastern Conference title. Not to take away from Thibodeau’s coaching or Luol Deng’s stellar year, but that just isn’t true of the Bulls without Rose.

Need more proof? Read Lee Jenkins’ Second Coming in the Second City. One of the best articles I’ve read in awhile.

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