When looking at those numbers together, you’re probably not thinking it’s a basketball score… but it is. Last week in Utah, Christian Heritage High crunched West Ridge Academy 108-3. That added up to 28 points in the first 3 quarters, and 24 in the fourth… or an average of 2 baskets per minute. That means Christian Heritage scored more baskets each minute than West Ridge scored the entire game. My first thoughts were that I was impressed, and either Christian Heritage is insanely good, or West Ridge is insanely not… or maybe a little bit of both.

The real question comes in when you start to think about sportsmanship. Most of us have been taught some pretty contradicting things when it comes to this topic. We’ve heard coaches and teams called unsportsmanlike after running up scores. But, we’ve also heard losing teams complain that they feel insulted when their opponent doesn’t try hard while beating them.

In my opinion, 108-3 is running up the score a little much.. Of course, you encourage players to always play to the best of their ability, but 108-3? Two baskets per minute? They probably could have slowed down the scoring without embarrassing the other team by simply passing around them like the Christian Heritage coach claims he was trying to avoid. Plus, I’d say losing 108-3 left those girls feeling pretty embarrassed anyways.

So, what do you think? Is 108-3 unsportsmanlike? What would you have done?

And check out the original Yahoo post with quotes from coaches and players here:  http://rivals.yahoo.com/highschool/blog/prep_rally/post/108-3-girls-basketball-rout-raises-questions?urn=highschool-311327


One thought on “108-3

  1. Bapa says:

    I hope that Christian Heritage used their subs most of the game the second half. Otherwise the coach of C.H. would seem to be pretty insensitive

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