EA shows off her guns

Erin Andrews signed with Reebok to endorse ZigTech shoes and apparel. She’s the first female to be a part of the ZigTech campaign, joining athletes such as: John Wall, Chad Ochocinco and Peyton Manning. If Reebok was looking for a way to convince me to stray from my Nike addiction, this may have been their best shot… but I’m still not sure what I think of the ZigTech shoes. Although she did get to take some pretty cool pictures with them! Check out some of the pictures from EA’s Reebok shoot below:


4 thoughts on “EA shows off her guns

  1. Bob Kust says:

    You would really leave NIKE????????

  2. Not a chance. That’s why I said it was their best shot but I still don’t really like the shoes. It would take a lot more than Erin Andrews to break my Nike addiction.

  3. Bapa says:

    I’ve always thought those shoes were very interesting looking and wondered how it would feel to walk in them—-bumpy?

  4. Bapa says:

    Would those shoes be bumpy to walk in?

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