“If there are hurdles in your way, jump over them.”

I’ve been reading Betsy Ross’ book, Playing Ball with the Boys, and last night found a great quote by Christine Brennan:

“So it’s just simply this: If there are hurdles in your way, jump over them, work harder than anybody else, do not make mistakes, double check the spelling of every name, double check the score, be a perfectionist, and follow your heart and your passion.

What worked in 1929 and 1959 and 1999 will work in 2029 as well, and those are the basic tenets that your mom and dad tell you. They’re true and they’re right. Just be so knowledgeable on the subject that no one can ever doubt you. And no one can say you don’t belong because you are so prepared, whether it’s baseball statistics or football or Olympic statistics, whatever it is.

So put all that together, just the passion and all of its various forms that loving sports can bring, and then , of course, the love of writing and journalism or whatever the medium is. Just make sure that you’re good enough at it that you can take advantage of it when the job opportunities open up.”


One thought on ““If there are hurdles in your way, jump over them.”

  1. Bapa says:

    This is really good advice and I’ll try to remember it as I prepare for my next job!!!! I think I could be better prepared than anyone, and because of my many years on this earth, I would still be passed over. But, thanks for the advice. All young people should remember it.

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