A year in review

In 2010…

I moved from a dorm into a house… a house with 16 other girls. Went to Vegas… In July (note to self: don’t wear pants in the desert).Went sailing for the first time. Did numerous Skype interviews. Interviewed, and later met Tamika Catchings, after watching her play at Conseco Fieldhouse. Turned 20. Attended press conferences at the ATP’s W&S Financial Tournament in Cincinnati (including John Isner ;)) Babysat and fell in love with 3-year-old twins on a weekly basis. The back of my left hand became the state of Michigan. Became a runner. Missed some friends, added a few new best friends. Watched A LOT of movies. Talked on the phone with one of my biggest role models, Erin Andrews. Sent in a video competing to become the next Nike Field Reporter. Live-blogged from the NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament. Baked a lot of red velvet cupcakes. Interned at Local 12. Saw the Reds clinch the NL Central and play in the postseason for the first time since I was 5… thanks to a walk-off homer by Jay Bruce. Met and interviewed Bengals players at training camp. Then felt my heart break as their promising season quickly spiraled downward resulting in a 4-12 finish. Had my first newspaper article written about me for something other than basketball, even if it was my high school’s paper. Did a lot of interviews. Bought a ridiculous amount of Nikes, which will probably be added to this next year. Began working as a Campus Connection reporter for ESPNU. Started this blog.

In 2011 I will…

Blog a lot more. Move into my first off-campus house. Turn 21. Write, write, write. Devour every moment as it takes place. Be happy. Be grateful, for everything. Run a 10K and a 13.1… maybe, hopefully. Take a guitar class. Start and finish a devotional. Appreciate my sister and parents even more. Report some more, do lots more interviews. Play IM basketball. Become friends with Phoebe Buffay (ok, this one may not actually happen but a girl can dream). Be more adventurous in what I eat. Land an awesome summer internship. Make my life something beautiful for God.


One thought on “A year in review

  1. Bapa says:

    Great stuff! What a year you had and we’re so glad to be around so we can see 2011 develop.

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