“Just your average college girl who’s played ball with the President” – Glamour

Maya Moore was named to Glamour’s Top Ten College Women list. Although they describe the 10 women as “amazing women you haven’t heard of yet” and I’ve obviously heard of her, that’s a pretty cool honor!

Here’s what they had to say about Maya:

The Star Athlete
Maya Moore, 21, University of Connecticut

maya moore

Her dream: “To win WNBA championships.”

How she’s reaching for it: Moore led the Huskies in back-to-back undefeated seasons, helping set an NCAA Division I women’s basketball record of 78 consecutive wins. In 2009 her team was honored at the White House, where they shot hoops with President Obama. “We were in heels, and he had the home-court advantage, so we’d like a rematch,” she jokes. But Moore’s talent is serious: She was the first freshman in Big East basketball history—men’s or women’s—to be named Player of the Year. That’s not all: She mentors student athletes and maintains an impressive GPA.

The moment that changed everything: “My mom propped a hoop on the back of our door when I was a toddler, and I haven’t stopped playing ball since.”

The list was made to recognize the most impressive female students, that Glamour says we’ll definitely be seeing more of in the future. The rest of the list included: Emily Elbert (“The Musician”), Sophia Khawley (“The Healer”), Mackenzie Lowry (“The Politician”), Oluwadamilola Oladeru (“The Doctor”), Michelle Pomeroy (“The Trailblazer”), Erica Fletcher (“The Documentarian”), Amy Qian (“The Engineer”), Merritt Moore (“The Renaissance Woman”), and Shabana Basij-Rasikh (“The Groundbreaker”). Read more about these remarkable college women on the Glamour website, or watch the video about them from The Today Show!

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