I FINALLY got to watch the ESPY’S

The ESPYS is one of my favorite nights/shows of the year because while I’m a complete sports addict, I’m also a self-proclaimed girly girl. So the ESPYS is like everything I love all in one fabulous night (or in my case, one afternoon a couple days later)! Unfortunately, I was working the night of the ESPY’s but DVR hooked me up so I didn’t have to miss a minute of the show that celebrates the greatness of sports. The ESPYS remind me why I love sports. The stories. You just can’t write stories like these.

Before it even officially started I had chills. Between the tribute to people from the world of sports who passed away this year (including Chris Henry and of course, John Wooden) and the video of championship moments, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could not like sports. Then, of course, it was a plus that my boy, John Isner, won one of the first awards of the night for Best Record-Breaking moment. Not that that match could possibly have any competition for best record-breaking moment, at least in my mind.

And can’t disagree with a tweet I read from @HeatherZeller “John Isner. In a suit. Yum.” Good start to the ESPYS.

To put it bluntly, Erin Andrews has my dream job. And if knowing that leaves any doubt in your mind, I’ll tell you now… Yes, I’m a huge Erin Andrews fan. I interviewed her earlier this year, and voted for her on Dancing with the Stars. So it’s not a surprise that I was looking forward to watching her on the red carpet before the ESPYS, and as I could have predicted, she was one of the best dressed.

And hmm, she brought Maks.

Back to the stories.

The moment the ball hit the back of the net, I knew Landon Donovan and Team USA would win an ESPY for the winning goal against Algeria in this year’s World Cup. As a country, that just had to be the Best Moment.

Not to mention how great they all looked up there together… easily the best dressed team of the night.

I was hoping the UNI Men’s Basketball team would win Best Upset, which they did, and rightfully so. Thinking back to March Madness, I remember first, that my bracket was a mess. And second, I remember UNI knocking out the team that so many of my friends had picked to win it all. They were up against good competition for the ESPY, but it’s hard to imagine a better upset than that game that night.

I love the ESPYS because of the moments remembered (like the passing of John Wooden), the humor (“But it is great to be here at the ESPYS in Los Angeles, this is where sports and entertainment come together. It’s like a Kardashian sister’s bedroom.” [cut to Reggie Bush]), the professional athletes (the entire U.S. Men’s Soccer Team on stage at once, need I say more?), the fashion (Jennie Finch, Marissa Miller, Drew Brees, Evan Lysacek) and of course the awards given to athletes and teams for the greatness of their stories.

To summarize, I love sports. And the ESPY’s are a great example of why.

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