“New Life”: Cat Reddick Whitehill

Earlier this summer Cat Reddick Whitehill surprised this year’s winner of the Gatorade National girls soccer Player of the Year, Mollie Pathman. I got the opportunity to interview Cat that day about the experience, as well as her life on the field. 

But it looks like I’m not the only one to interview Cat. The most recent Sports Spectrum showed up in my mailbox, and on page 54, look who it is…

Joshua Cooley wrote a feature piece on how “an injury helped U.S. soccer star Cat Whitehill renew her love for the game – and also her love for Christ.” 


    If you haven’t seen the article, you should check it out. It was easy for me to relate to since I also have had knee injuries, and am pursuing a future in sports broadcasting.

Her story is inspiring for other females, Christians, and athletes to hear. In a dire situation, Cat has definitely had the right attitude, claiming that she was losing her love for soccer before the injury, but both physically and emotionally, “God got me all the way back”.

If someone knows that everything happens for a reason, it’s me. It was great to read about someone else who has found the true reasons behind the hardships she’s faced, and has trusted God through it all.

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