Why the Dutch wear Orange

The Netherlands are now in the semi-finals of the World Cup and will go on to play Uruguay on Tuesday. I go to Hope College which is in Holland… a very Dutch town in Michigan. Like the Netherlands team, we wear blue and orange at Hope. Needless to say, when I saw Charissa Thompson (@CharissaT) tweet a link to her video for YahooSports titled “Why do the Dutch wear Orange?” I was definitely interested. Trust me, you’ll be surprised to hear why they do…


Another tweet I saw was from Samantha Steele (@yosamsteele) saying she was confused that the Netherlands team is from Holland, but they are called the Dutch. And she’s not alone… enough people have been wondering that Charissa also has a video for Yahoo titled “Netherlands, Holland? Who are the Dutch?”


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One thought on “Why the Dutch wear Orange

  1. Jean Stap says:

    Thanks for the orange carrot story. That’s interesting fact, but when I retold it the comments I got were disbelief. It is a fact that carrots were orginally purple . Just look at heirloom seeds!!

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