“Nothing beats helping someone”

I’ve heard that said before, and every time that I hear it or something similar, I remember how true it really is. There’s no doubt that nothing beats helping someone else.

Most recently I heard those words from the mouth of the fabulous Kelli Tennant. As I’m pursuing sports broadcasting, I’ve been reading about, listening to and watching the stories of other women who have gotten into the business. Thanks to Twitter and a common friend, I came across Kelli and was quickly inspired.

The girl graduated in ’09…

She’s already reported for Fox Sports West, ESPNU, CBS College Sports, the AVP, Patch.com, and E! Entertainment…

She blogs for Fox Sports West and Patch.com…

I was quickly impressed.

All of those things made me want to pick her brain, hear about her experiences and hopefully get some advice. But what inspired me was hearing her story. I found out that both of our stories start out very similar. Like me, Kelli was a college athlete and in both of our situations injury/sickness kept us from playing the game we’re passionate about… which led to diving head first into another passion, sports broadcasting. Kelli was kept off the court because of fibromyalgia. After a diet/nutrition plan got her feeling better than ever, Kelli decided if she can feel this much better, just think how it can help other people. That’s where part 2 of Kelli’s resume comes in. She’s a Health and Wellness coach, helping out all different kinds of people, from all different walks of life. And that’s when she told me “nothing beats helping someone else.” Don’t get her wrong, she loves her job in front of the camera… but there’s simply nothing that beats helping others.

I absolutely love meeting people like Kelli. There are billions of people in the world – and she’s definitely one of the good ones. It’s meeting people like her that inspires me each and every day. And who knows… I’ve gotten interested in fitness and nutrition lately, thanks to coming across SarahFit and ToneItUp, plus now Kelli as well… maybe I’ll get involved with this Health and Wellness coaching too! Check her out at kellitennant.tumblr.com and follow her on twitter @kellimtennant!

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